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Allergy Center - Suffer from seasonal allergies? Find the latest allergy health news here.
Autos - Buy or sell a new or used car, read the latest reviews, plus True Market Values.
Boards - Let your voice be heard! Post your thoughts on current events, entertainment and much more.
Business Tools - Build your own site, promote your business or sell products online and more.
Casino - Play FREE games like blackjack, slots, video poker and more. Daily and monthly prizes!
Celebrities - News, gossip, photos and more.
Community - Get instant access to Email and more!
Computers - Latest tech headlines, product reviews, plus "Build your own computer" configurator.
Credit Center - Get a copy of your credit report and check out tips on how to improve your rating.

Diet Center - Lose up to 10 lbs. in a month! Plus, diet and exercise tips.
Education - Search for colleges and universities, degree programs, scholarship info and more!
Email - Get your FREE account - add stationery, graphics and sounds to your messages!
Entertainment - TV, movies, gossip, radio, music, fashion, games, and the Buzz List!
Excite Today - Enjoy trivia, jokes, tips, cartoons and more - made fresh daily!
Fashion & Beauty - Keep up with the ever-changing world of fashion!
Games - Arcade, parlor, board, casino, trivia and other FREE games.
Greeting Cards - Send electronic greeting cards - fast!

Health - News, tips, allergy help, product recalls and medical resources.
Help - Get answers to your Excite questions!
Home Security - Get answers to your Home Security questions!
Horoscopes - Dating guide, co-worker compatibility tester, plus your energy meter!
Insurance Center - Get quotes for home, life or auto insurance.
Investing - Track your portfolio, get stock quotes or catch up on market news.
ISP Center - Find the best Internet service in your area!
Lost password - Forgot? Get it here!
Lifestyle - Enjoy everything from fashion features to parenting tips to Strange News articles!
Maps and directions - Never get lost again! Find your way to and from practically anywhere!
Mortgage Center - Step-by-step guide for new home buyers, plus Mortgage Calculators and refinancing info.
Movies - Local listings, news, upcoming releases and reviews.
Music - Album and concert reviews, news, artist features and more.
My Excite - Your own personalized page!
News - The latest headlines from AP, CBS News, Fox News, MSNBC, The New York Times and Reuters!
Online Dating - Meet your match, get advice or just chat with new friends.
Personals - For singles only! Personal ads with photos.

Real Estate - Buy, sell or rent your house or apartment.
Sign in - Excite member, sign in and enjoy personalization in weather, sports, movies, TV, investing and more.
Speedbar - Take Excite with you on the Web!
Sports - Scores, stats, photos and more. Personalize your "My Teams" & "My Scores" pages!
Travel - Go away! Book a flight, rent a car, reserve a hotel room, whatever you need!
TV - Local primetime listings, Nielsen ratings, Soap Updates.
Weather - Current conditions, extended local forecast, maps.
Web Builder - Build your own web site - in minutes.
White Pages - Look up an old friend anywhere in the country... or the world!
Yellow Pages - Business addresses and phone numbers from coast to coast!

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